It’s said that marriage is a journey, not a destination and if you just got hitched, we’re sure you want to be in it for the long run. Families For Life has the resources to fuel a fun, loving, and happy one.

From financial planning to keeping the romance alive, read on and learn about our marriage resources and tools!

Get on course to a happy, healthy marriage

So, you’ve found your person, planned for the perfect wedding (and probably BTOed already). Before you tie the knot, knowing what’s in store for you as a married couple is vital so you won’t get tied up in knots. That’s why you and your future spouse should attend the Prevention and Relationship Education Programme (PREP) an evidence-based marriage preparation programme for soon-to-wed or newlywed couples designed to help you know that you are making the right decision to get married and make adjusting to married life much easier.

Although it’s only compulsory for couples below the age of 21, it’s still a good idea to enrol in one to prepare yourselves for the responsibilities and unknowns you will face in your marriage.

Prep yourself with marriage tips

Marriage is a lifelong journey, but we've got some shortcuts for you with our Mini Marriage PREP Tips that cover key relationship strategies, tools, and techniques to nurture a healthy marriage on key topics of communication, conflict resolution, and commitment.

These mini tips are based on the PREP curriculum we mentioned above and serve as a cheat sheet of sorts to refer to any time in your marriage journey to keep growing, in the areas of your relationship, intimacy, and communication.

Take a relationship health check

You take regular medical checks to catch potential problems early and ensure your long-term health. The same goes for the health of your marriage as well. Whether you are soon-to-weds, newlyweds, or long-time married couples, the “Our Married Journey Quiz” (OMJQ) helps you gain insights into the dynamics of your relationship.

From identifying strengths and weaknesses in your relationships to enabling opportunities for growth in positive bonding, communication, and expectations, OMJQ is a great relationship health check you and your partner should sit down and do together. Just remember to be honest with your answers!