Don’t let the busy lives we lead today keep us from spending time with our extended families more regularly. Time is scarce, making it even more crucial whom we choose to spend moments of our lives with.

So how do we want to spend our precious time? With our grandparents, of course—and it’s well worth every minute! Here’s why:

Grandparents Teach Us Valuable Skills

Whether it’s quilting, whipping up a meal or fixing a bicycle, grandparents may possess skills that we, or our parents, do not have. Hanging out with our grandparents gives us the window of opportunity to pick up these valuable skill sets!

Grandparents Provide Comfort and Support

Our grandparents love us unconditionally – it is simply in their nature to do so! When we encounter difficulties in life, we can seek comfort from knowing that they will always be there when we need them. With decades more of life experience under their belts, the best advice can sometimes come from our grandparents, who can then set us on the right path. With their support, life can be a breeze! 

Grandparents Help Us Learn More About Our parents

Believe it or not, our grandparents can help us see our parents in a different light through anecdotes and stories to tell – stories that we will enjoy and even treasure. Instead of just seeing our parents as authoritative figures, we can learn to see our parents as the children they once were. 

Grandparents Give Us A Glimpse Into A World We’d Never Lived In

Naturally, our grandparents are a wealth of knowledge. They can share with us about periods in history that they’d lived through, either during their childhood or young adult years. Some of our grandparents may even have had a part in important historical events that we never knew about! 

Our grandparents are also the link to our personal past. Learning about our ancestral roots and family history can be very interesting, and help us understand and build on each of our unique identities.

Most Importantly, We Bring Happiness To Our Grandparents 

As grandchildren, it is our duty to care for and appreciate the seniors in our family. We have the ability to light up our grandparents’ lives and to bring happiness to their home, giving them a sense of warmth and fulfilment knowing that they are not alone. Visiting them will help us get happier, and also keep them very happy.

The time we have on this earth is short, but the time we have with our grandparents is even shorter. Make the most out of intergenerational interactions with them before we realise it’s too late. You'll certainly will not regret it!

Celebrate Your Love for Your Grands! ❤️

‘Celebrating Our Grands’ is a day to show our appreciation for our grands or elderly extended family members (such as grandaunts or granduncles) in each of our unique ways. Celebrated a day after Children’s Day, the annual nation-wide campaign celebrates inter-generational bonding and hopes to inculcate important family values of ‘Love’, ‘Care & Concern’, ‘Commitment’ and ‘Respect’ in our young. 

Join us as we honour our grands every October and enjoy quality family moments together!