Couples who get in shape together, stay together — instead of the usual dating activities such as dinners or movies, why not try getting fit together?

Play catch-up and chat-up or simply immerse in the company of your spouse while sweating it out!

1. Get Your Couple Time On Trek

You don’t have to conquer Mount Everest with your spouse to be the perfect fit for each other. Falling into pace right alongside one another along the lush walking trails of Singapore is pretty much the same thing. Explore different walking trails and turn it into a weekly or monthly routine. Tune in to your partner’s life and keep your eyes peeled for what nature has to offer!

Here are some hiking routes to get started on besides the famous Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Fort Canning Park:

  • The Southern Ridges — a 10km trail that connects 4 parks and a nature reserve; it’s where you find the famous Henderson Waves.

  • Northern Explorer Loop — a 11km park connector featuring 9 major trails that bring you to the Northern heartlands of Singapore.

  • MacRitchie Treetop Walk — The TreeTop Walk (TTW) features a free-standing suspension bridge that connects the peaks of Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang.

  • Dairy Farm Nature Park — a 63-hectare park featuring the Singapore Quarry and Wallace Education Centre.

  • Coney Island Park — a 50-hectare park home to 80 species of birds!

2. Zen Out on the Yoga Mat

Namaslay the weekend and get down on the yoga mat for an hour or two. Yoga keeps you grounded — it builds strength, promotes an open mind and teaches you to honour the individual that resides in your partner and you. Why? “Yoga” is a Sanskrit word and one of its translations means “union”!

Explore different yoga studios in Singapore, sign up for trial classes or simply settle on getting two yoga mats for your home. Here are some hotspots worth considering:

  • Yoga Movement — features 6 studios across Singapore. Yogis are encouraged to book their mats a week in advance.

  • Pure Yoga — with 3 studios across Singapore; offers a complimentary trial.

  • Hom Yoga — specialises in hot yoga; with 2 centrally-located studios in Singapore.

  • Yoga+ — with 1 studio located along Pagoda Street.

3. Give Indoor Air Guns a Shot

Experience a different state of zen when you stride across an indoor air weapons range made for air rifle and pistol marksperson. Moderately intense on the physique but highly demanded on the mind, shooting encourages you to focus on the now. Battle it out with your spouse and unleash your inner marksman!

Here are two places in Singapore you should be checking out:

  • HomeTeamNS TactSim (no walk-ins; leisure shoot available) — $70/pax per 30-minute session. Advance booking (preferably 2-3 days ahead) of a coach is required.

  • SAFRA Yishun (no walk-ins; members only) — $161/year for Shooting Club membership with a compulsory safety training that will cost $68.45.

4. Bike Around Singapore With Bae

Cycle next to each other and head out for brunch! With the number of bike-sharing initiatives sprouting up in Singapore, it’s easy to grab a bike and hit the road with your spouse. Gear up for safety and plan your routes ahead — cycling is a moderate-intensity sport that keeps your fitness level (and carbon footprint) in check.

Leisure bike trails for cyclists besides the good old East Coast Park:

Spice up your dates with these moderate-intensity sports. While we generally do not encourage thumb tapping on the phone as exercising, do share this with your spouse and plan for the weekends in advance. Cheers to living a balanced married life!