In fast-paced Singapore, long hours and conflicting schedules often keep the family physically apart. Yet, even in the digital age, many seem to forget that we’re all just a text away from one another - and conversations no longer need to be reserved for the end of the day. We love our families, and sometimes the best way to stay connected is through a family chat group. Have an exciting story you can’t wait to share with your family? Perhaps even news about a job promotion? Well, you’re just a text away!

While family chat groups can get annoying with a constant flurry of messages, think of it this way: It’s ultimately an expression of love and concern for (and from) your loved ones; an eagerness to share stories and keep one another connected even in times when you’re unable to be physically present with your family. Go the extra mile beyond the usual “good morning”, “good night” messages. Let them know that you’re thinking about them.

Mobile messaging can be heartwarming when you take the initiative to ask about your loved ones’ day, keeping them up-to-date with exciting stories about yours, or simply sharing a funny text conversation or video that you think they would enjoy. The immediacy of mobile messaging allows a sense of reality of everyone constantly being a part of something together; an extension of face-to-face interaction that brings about heartwarming shared moments.

No matter where you are or what you want to say, remember that you’re always just a text away from your loved ones. More tips and tricks can be found on the #JustATextAway Facebook page.


#JustATextAway is a social movement to encourage millennial youths to take initiative in interacting with their parents, through mobile technology.