From March to June, let’s celebrate family and make it our mission to be more intentional in building family relationships through acts of care and kindness. Set aside time for each other, prioritise each other, appreciate the things they do and the family values we share.

Here are some stories to inspire you.​

What Does Family Time Mean to You?​

It’s easy to talk about spending time with family, but what does family time actually mean? Why does it matter? Let the joy on the faces of other Singaporeans at the Families for Life Celebrations 2015 remind you of the beauty of setting aside time for your loved ones, and hear their thoughts on how this family time can help them connect, communicate and care for each other.

After all, as one of the interviewees wisely quips: “If you don’t have quantity time together, you won’t have quality time!”

Video source: Families for Life

Family Time. Let’s Make It Work!

A short but meaningful clip that presents family from the eyes of the child. A great reminder of how when we celebrate family, we a re celebrating all the little things—from small gestures to little decisions, each of which demonstrates care, concern and commi tment that makes our loved ones feel loved.

Video source: Made For Families

The Frog Prince

A moving, coming of age clip that follows a child, Boon, through his journey from resentment to respect for his father and family. Painful though it may be to watch Boon struggle with poverty and the resulting conflicts with his father, this sets the stage for cele bration when he finally comes to the realisation that money is no measure of worth—family is.

The moral of the story? That what truly makes us rich is the relationships we have with our family, and the family values they impa rt.

Video source: PUB

Happiness Is Just Around The Corner - Ah Gong

Light up along with Ah Gong each time he manages to successfully video call his grandson. Let his eagerness to keep to his weekly c ommitment, and the joy that floods his face each time he sees his grandson online, be a reminder of how we, too, can afford to spend a little more time with our loved ones—and perhaps, also step up our efforts to help them use the new technology to connect!

Video source: McDonald's Singapore

Seasons of Love

Following the journey of a child through the ups and downs of adapting to life with her foster home, we see how an encouraging word and apology can gradually break through the barriers and make someone feel welcome.

It’s a poignant reminder of how although bad times and conflicts are inevitable, the love of a family can help us through.

Video source: MSF

Parenthood Journeys (Mums)

It can be tough being a mum, balancing work and family. Yet the rewards of journeying with your children through life are priceless . This clip is a gentle reminder for mothers to fill up your little ones’ – and your own – emotional bank account by creating special moments with them as they grow up.

Video source: Made For Families


A heartwarming vignette of a father’s love for his daughter. In this video clip, a single dad does his best bringing up his y oung daughter, even as he navigates those bumpy teenage years. The story moves through its appreciation of small gestures. It beautifully illustrates the truism that sometimes the best gift that you can give does not cost a cent.

 Video source: MCYS

Parenthood Journeys (Dads)

There’s no doubt about it – it’s a big responsibility being a father. Dads are their kids’ first superhero, and it takes time and intentional effort to build a solid bond with your mini-me. But the rewards you get are incomparable and more t han worth any weight in gold.​

Video source: Made For Families

Made for Families: Pro-family Workplaces

It takes a community to raise a child. In a modern society like ours, workplaces play an outsized role in helping to build strong, happy families. Mums and dads who know they have the support of caring colleagues and an environment that embraces families will have the peace of mind to deliver their best at work.

As the clip pithily puts it: “Pro-family practices help employees become better parents”.

Video source: Made For Families

The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), has designated 2022 as the Year of Celebrating SG Families (YCF). This will see Families for Life, Alliance for Action to Strengthen Marriages and Family Relationships (AFAM), and Made For Families partners come together to offer a range of family-friendly events, programmes and resources that can help you to build strong and happy families. Find out more!