As parents, we understand that getting back into the school routine after the holidays can be daunting to some of us, and especially on our children. Often, our teenagers prefer to manage their back-to-school routine on their own since they are older, more independent and much more experienced as a student compared to their younger siblings.

However, as parents, we can also help smoothen their back-to-school transition by suggesting these tips to them:

  • Flex their thinking muscles to get ready for the heavier dosage of school work and assignments when school starts. Establish technological boundaries as well to help break certain unhealthy habits, such as excessive gaming or constant checking on their social media accounts that may have developed over the holidays.
  • Organise files and documents, such as colour-coding or tagging these files for easy identification. Make the timetable visible, and one creative way is to save a screenshot of it as a phone wallpaper.
  • Pack a small bag/pouch of essentials, such as deodorant, comb, packet of tissue etc. This would come in handy especially for those who are involved in after-school co-curricular activities.
  • Create a comfortable and organised study space that has minimal distractions and interruptions.
  • If they’re not already in one, participate in a school activity or event to ease into school life and make new friends.
  • Schedule and prioritise school assignments based on the duration needed for completion and urgency.
  • Most importantly, to enjoy learning and have fun in school!

Let’s also take this opportunity to celebrate our children and the start of their new school term as a family. It can be a simple meal or a back-to-school party!

Such display of family support can spur our children on despite the challenges faced at school, and will help make their entire school experience a positive and enjoyable one!