As mums, juggling the expectations and responsibilities of the diverse roles you play—granddaughter, daughter, wife, mother, and more—is no mean feat. Kudos to you for managing this!

And as working mums, adding the role of an employee to your already-challenging juggling feat can seem pretty overwhelming. But take heart, there are actually several easy steps you can take to help you hone your juggling skills, and make life as a working mum an even happier, more fulfilling and hassle-free one.

  1. Choose the most suitable calendar to manage your multiple schedules, such as a Google calendar.
  2. Include to-dos, reminders, details in your calendar entries so that all relevant information are easily available.
  3. Take half a day out to plan yours and your family’s entire week’s schedules, chores, etc.
  4. Be selective with your child(ren)’s additional enrichment classes as too many of such activities may sap your energy and take up time.
  5. Delegate tasks, such as household chores, to your husband and/or child(ren) or outsource such chores to professionals.
  6. Set up a support system of people whom you can entrust your child(ren) with should you need to be away in an emergency situation.
  7. Wake up earlier to give yourself a good headstart to the day – and this would mean going to bed earlier.
  8. Establish a regular daily routine, both for yourself and your family
  9. Set aside a day to plan your week’s menu, and if needed, to prepare the ingredients in advance. Alternatively, you can opt to cook simple meals. 
  10. Ensure that what is needed for the next day, like your child(ren)’s school stuff, are packed/prepared the night before to avoid any morning rush (and craze).
  11. Set aside a date night with your husband.
  12. And set aside time for some me-time too. Go out shopping with friends, stroll in the park, or anything that allows you a breather.
  13. Discuss with your employer regarding flexibility in your work arrangements/timings
  14. Form a network of working mothers to share tips and concerns with.
  15. Be flexible to expect and allow changes... because there are just some things that aren’t worth fighting for.

Negativities have been proven to worsen situations and sour relationships… so, it would be to your and your family’s advantage to choose to see the positive side of things and keep guilt at bay. Importantly, your family loves you dearly and unconditionally no matter what you have or haven’t done.

So, working mums, go ahead to own your juggling feat—and nail it!