Financial concerns aside, does the thought of your retirement fill you with excitement or trepidation? For some of us retirement beckons with thoughts of travel, relaxation and leisure time. For others, especially those for whom work itself has been a form of  personal fulfilment and self-esteem, retirement may pose a sense of uncertainty.

Nevertheless, reaching the “golden years” can be a wonderful milestone. To help put all that excitement into perspective, here's one thing you can do: plan a typical day in retirement, in as much detail as you can. A successful adjustment to retirement is more likely to occur if you have a plan. The possibilities that await a retiree are manifold. There are an incredible number of opportunities and choices out there. Art, music, and writing, service and charitable activities, education - the list of possible activities and interests is endless. 

Develop and Rediscover New Interests

Do you have any personal interests which you have put aside for your career or family? Most of us have that one thing that we always wanted to do, but put off accomplishing because of various factors such as work. Maybe you always wanted to visit the mythical Sphinx? Or rekindle your romance in lovely Venice. Even if you don't have a bucket list, this is the time to do it! There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your wish list come true. Who knows, you might even end up picking up a new interest along the way!

Keeping Fit, Staying Healthy 

Another motivation for keeping fit is to keep up with your grandchildren. What a waste if you have all the time in the world after your retirement, but you are unable to spend it with your grandchildren due to ill health. Add fruits to your diet, and even a yoga session once a week to keep yourself fit and limber. 

Spend Time with Your Spouse

When you are a parent, the luxury of “couple time” tends to disappear with the arrival of your children. Post kids, it can become hard to remember what it felt like to be “the two of you.” But retirement presents you with the opportunity to have some quality “alone” time with your spouse. All the things you planned to do but were put off due to work and children, can now be fulfilled.? 

Retirement doesn’t have to be lonely or boring. You can choose to fill your golden years with meaningful activities. Realise that retirement is another developmental phase of life, particularly if you retire fairly early. See retirement as an opportunity to grow and change. The world is open to you. Be interested to see what opportunities and choices you can make today.