Everyone knows the excitement during honeymoon period newlyweds experience. Nonetheless, being married for over 10 years comes with its own set of perks. Here’s a glimpse at what you can look forward to! 

Say Bye to Chores You Hate

Cleaning versus cooking, laundry versus ironing, everyone has their own preference when it comes to chores they like, don’t mind doing or thoroughly abhor. When it comes to being married for 10 years, a routine is likely to be set and both parties should be completely at ease or accustomed to doing certain chores. It is also highly unlikely that arguments about whose turn it is to do something is taking place a decade on.

Have A ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’

‘Dan doesn’t feel like going out tonight.’ How many times have you heard this from friends using their better halves as excuses to get out of something? Instead of having to come up with 10,000 reasons as to why you would prefer to stay at home - when all you really want to do is watch TV in your pajamas, you can now use your spouse as an excuse to get out of any undesired situation. And when you’ve been married for over 10 years, it’s likely that your family and friends know your spouse’s likes and dislikes as well as you do and will automatically excuse you from activities without you saying a word!

Take Your Best Friend Wherever You Go

In this age of selfies and wefies, there are certain photos you simply can’t take on your own. Or shouldn’t, for your own safety. You now have someone who is not only your standing travel companion but movie buddy, plus one to all the functions you have to attend and more excitingly, someone to try new things like yoga or bowling with! After multiple trips together over the years, you’ll be used to each others travelling styles, have plenty of shared experiences and a treasure trove of memories that makes for great stories.

Enjoy A Longer Life and Better Health

Another key benefit of a loving, lasting marriage is longevity as happily married couples usually enjoy better health. Your spouse has a significant vested interest in watching out for you and encouraging healthier choices and behaviour. Habits like drinking, smoking and exercising are largely influenced by your spouse since you spend the most amount of time together. They say it takes 21 days to break and form new habits, how about 3,650 days?

Happily married couples are also known to lead more socially connected and emotionally rewarding lives. Researchers have found that emotional support from a spouse has a deep impact when it comes to the recovery from both minor and major illnesses or coping with chronic illnesses. Some studies even suggest that marital relationships can boost the immune system. Ask your friends who have been married for many years when they last fell sick!