Founts of wisdom and endless patience and love they provide, some of us might still have grandparents in our lives. It is only fitting that they have a time dedicated to them, as mothers and fathers do.

Here are some ways you can show your appreciation to your grandparents as part of Families for Life  "Celebrating Our Grands" yearly initiative happening in the week of Children's Day.

Take Them Out For Their Favourite Meal

Unsurprisingly, most grandparents rarely ask for much and the simplest things like their favourite food is enough to make them happy. Find out where grandpa and grandma like to dine and take them there! Bonus if you can score a reservation at their always-booked favourite restaurant or a spot at the front of the queue for their favourite laksa.

Sponsor An Outing For Grandparents And Friends

If your grandparents are socially active seniors with many friends, you could make their day by sponsoring an outing for them and their friends. The generous and thoughtful gesture will no doubt touch their hearts. It would also give and grandma and grandpa the opportunity to show you off to their friends — something they’re always happy to do when it comes to their grandchildren.

Throw A Surprise Party

This will require some early planning especially if you intend to get relatives who are overseas in for the surprise party. This would be ideal if you have access to a venue that can accommodate a good number of people. Picture the surprise on grandpa and grandma’s faces when they see all their grandchildren and children!

Do A Grandparent-Grandchild Interview

Grandparents tell the best stories, especially those about their youth. Put together a list of questions you’ve always wanted to ask your grandparents about them when they were young: How did they meet? What were they like growing up? What was their hobby? What ambition did they have they were young? Make a video recording of the interview, then jazz the clip up with music, captions and special effects. And now you’ll have a piece of your grandparents’ story preserved for life! Alternatively, you can use the information to create a scrapbook of their memories — it’s something the younger generation can keep to remember their grandparents by after they’re gone.

Organise A Family Get-together

Bring the family together for a potluck or cookout. We’re sure grandparents love nothing more than to have their children and children’s children eating with them under one roof. You could even order a cake just to make the occasion more festive. You’re celebrating your grandparents after all!

Much as we wish, our grandparents will not always be around. While we can, we should take every chance to show them our love and appreciation.

Celebrate Your Love for Your Grands! ❤️

‘Celebrating Our Grands’ is a day to show our appreciation for our grands or elderly extended family members (such as grandaunts or granduncles) in each of our unique ways. Celebrated a day after Children’s Day, the annual nation-wide campaign celebrates inter-generational bonding and hopes to inculcate important family values of ‘Love’, ‘Care & Concern’, ‘Commitment’ and ‘Respect’ in our young. 

Join us as we honour our grands every October and enjoy quality family moments together!