First there was the honeymoon, and now there’s the babymoon! What exactly is a babymoon you might wonder? Well, a babymoon is sort of like a honeymoon, only it happens after you get married, after you confirm that you are pregnant and expecting a baby, and before the baby arrives.

More and more couples are taking a babymoon because it gives them a chance to re-connect with each other before baby arrives and to go for a really romantic holiday. Once your baby arrives, it’s likely that it might be a year or even a few years before you can plan that great vacation by the beach without having to worry about whether or not your kids will be bitten by sandflies, if they will like the food, and if the dinner can end before their 8.30pm bedtime. 

When Should You Go?

Check with your ob-gyn specialist first and make sure that you and your baby are fit to travel. Discuss what types of travel options you can take and when the best dates for you would be. In general, the 2nd trimester is probably the best time. By then, you should be over your morning sickness, the pregnancy should be relatively stable and you still have a few months to go before the actual delivery date. 

Where Should You Go?

Again, it’s a good idea to have a chat with your obstetrician to make sure you’re in the clear for types of travel and places you might be thinking of. Air travel is usually fine, although depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, some airlines may require a doctor’s letter in order for you to board the flight. 

Try to avoid travelling for too long a time. So, avoid long sea cruises, extended bus or car rides and long flights with multiple transit points. Not only is this tiring for the mother-to-be, but if an emergency arises and you need medical attention, not all ships and flights may have a qualified specialist or the right medical equipment onboard to assist you.

Apart from the mechanics of travelling to the destination, you should pick a place you’ve always wanted to visit which is relaxing and peaceful – spa vacations or gourmet focused travel destinations are a nice option for many. Avoid package tours, and travel itineraries which will require you to do a lot of walking or climbing. Save that hiking trip to the Everest base camp for another time in your life when you will be physically up to it. 

What Should You Plan for?

It’s a good idea to plan for medical emergencies. Understand what sort of medical care will be available for you in the country and resort that you will be going to. Double check your insurance policies and bring visit your Ob-gyn specialist and ask them for a medical travel kit. Make sure you check if any vaccinations which are required are safe for you to take and have them administered well in advance of the trip itself. 

Choose a location which will be fun for you and your spouse, but also make sure that they are well within your financial means. Baby’s arrival will also mean the start of many new expenses, so you don’t want to go on a trip and then feel stressed about what it means financially. If you are thinking of saving up a little, then consider going to a country nearby, or even arranging for a spa staycation in Singapore.