If you have cousins close to your age, the relationship you share with your cousin is truly unique. Your cousins have seen and been with you through it all. They know you better than anyone else and will always be there for you when you need them.

Here are 4 reasons why your cousins are truly your best friends:

1. You share a long history with them

From running around in your diapers to getting engaged, you have countless memories to look back on with your cousins. And even if you don’t live close by, you would still keep in touch and visit each other’s families over holidays. Their consistent presence will also give you a sense of stability and security in your life.

2. You can be yourself around them

Since they have watched you grow up or grown up alongside with you, they know who you truly are and where you come from. So there is no need to impress them, and you can be completely comfortable with them because you know that they will love you and accept you just as you are. 

3. They make you look forward to family get-togethers 

Family gatherings spell fun for you because you get to catch up with your cousins. Whether this means a game of hide-and-seek or chatting about your interests or careers, you can always count on their company. All the inside jokes and old memories that you both share will make your time together even more entertaining.

4. They have always stood by your side

Through thick and thin, family will stand by your side through it all. You can go months without speaking and live miles apart, but when you’re in need of help, you know that your cousins will always come to your rescue. The trust that you both have in each other is what will continue to keep your family tied together. 

Over the years, a cousin fulfils many roles in one’s life. They will be a partner-in-crime, a groomsman or bridesmaid, a shoulder to lean on, and a lifelong friend.

By encouraging your children to spend time with their cousins and keep in touch with them, you will enable them to nurture a relationship which will support their growth through various stages of their lives. And what makes this relationship even more beautiful is that their cousins will always be a part of their childhood that they will never lose. As they both sit on their rocking chairs years later, they will still have a good laugh talking about the mischievous prank they once played on you or the secrets they shared over the holidays.