As 2023 draws to a close, it’s a good time to take stock and reflect on your journey as a family over the past year.

For some families, it may have been a time of change and transitions, as their young ones start formal schooling or move onto the next academic stage, or as the adults start new career paths or pursue new passions. For other families, they may have had a relatively smooth-sailing year – always a big reason to give thanks for.

Whether it has been a time of challenges and growth, or a quiet, uneventful period, take advantage of the festive year-end season to focus on our nearest and dearest. Here’s how you can end the year on a high – by celebrating with your loved ones!

1. Spend time as a couple

Marriage is something you have to keep working on, as many senior couples will tell you. This year end, ditch the kids for a couple of days and do something special with your sweetheart. Try out that restaurant that you know your partner will love or plan a romantic staycation for two. For the icing on the cake, prepare a meaningful gift that represents both of you as a couple.

For more couple time together, look out Families for Life’s (FFL) I Still Do Couple Challenge in February with events, programmes and activities designed to strengthen your marriage.

2. Play as a family

Nothing bonds a family better than fun! Plan a getaway for the whole family to spend some exclusive time together – try nearby destinations like Desaru, Langkawi or even JB – and just indulge in delicious food, shopping or try out local activities.

Don’t miss National Family Week in June! This annual event is organised by FFL especially for families to spend time together, with community trails, parent-child activities and parenting talks – all to create special family moments worth cherishing.

3. Celebrate our grands

Let the seniors in your family know how much they mean to you by including them in your family activities. It could be a simple stroll down Orchard Road to enjoy the yearly Christmas Light-up or exploring the Nordic Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay – it’s the time together that really matters!

FFL’s Celebrating Our Grands event in October is an excellent opportunity for the little ones in the family to show their appreciation for their grandparents or elderly extended family members.

That’s not all! Keep an eye out for other FFL family events held throughout the year:

Picnic @ Gardens by the Bay

If you find it tough to carve regular time out for family, look out for FFL’s picnics @ Gardens by the Bay. The event is specially crafted with families in mind, with activities and performances suitable for both young and old.

FamilyTrees with NParks

If you’re looking for a unique way to commemorate their child’s birth, try planting a tree! FFL’s special collab with NParks gives families a one-of-a-kind chance to mark their child’s growing years, as well as an opportunity for you to create a greener, more sustainable Singapore as a lasting legacy for your children.