Research has shown that couples in a happy marriage have four traits in common, although they may demonstrate them in different ways:

  • They actively share friendship and love.

  • They treat each other with kindness and respect.

  • Both partners contribute to keep their relationship healthy.

  • They are committed to staying together, even when the relationship is rocky.

Every marriage has its rough patches, so managing disagreements and solving problems are part of the journey to protect, preserve, and enhance your love for one another. Sign up for our marriage PREP course here to learn more tips like this on effective communication in your marriage.

How Many Positives Does It Take?

Have you ever wondered how many positives it might take to make up for one negative in a relationship? By saying something nice right after you cast an insult, are we even? It is normal to disappoint, misunderstand, and frustrate each other, even when we’re really happy together! When two people come together, there is always a possibility for friction. Sometimes our goals may not be aligned; other times we may have very different interests, values, or opinions on issues that feel important to us. Some conflicts can be expected (even healthy) when people with different personalities, backgrounds, and priorities come together.

Keep the negatives in check

The trick is keeping the negatives in check! We don’t have to keep a tally, but relationships that are generally full of positive feelings and interactions are less likely to be affected by occasional arguments and frustrations. These couples have built up so much love, trust, and happiness between one another that it buffers them through the tough times. Do you want to boost the positives in your relationship? Check out other mini marriage PREP tips here!