Promote a family-friendly culture at Work. Join us in harmoniously balancing work and family life!

Launched in 2003 by the Centre for Fathering (CFF) and held on the last Friday of each school term, Eat With Your Family Day (EWYFD) seeks to encourage organisations to allow employees to leave work early at 5pm to enjoy a meal with their children and families.

EWYFD is a quarterly event on the last Friday of the school term. The EWYFD dates for 2024 are as follows:

  • 8 Mar 2024

  • 24 May 2024

  • 30 August 2024

  • 15 November 2024

Find out how you can help your organisation practice EWYFD today. Your initiative serves as an encouragement for other companies to do likewise!

The ‘Better Workplace’ campaign by NTUC U Women and Family (NTUC U WAF) aims to recognize and showcase employers who are committed to create better workplaces providing:

  • Flexible Work Arrangements

  • Work-Life Harmony Practices

  • Managing Workplace Harassment Policy

Employers who qualify for the campaign may choose either a Wellness Corner or Lactation Space in their company premise fitted by NTUC U WAF.

Campaign Requirements for Employers:

  1. Complete the Work-Life Harmony Self-Assessment tool.

  2. Adopt the Tripartite Standard on Work-Life Harmony.

  3. Implement a Managing Workplace Harassment Policy.

If you are an employer who is interested to onboard the Better Workplace campaign or if you would like a copy of the Work-Life Harmony Self-Assessment tool, email:

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all our partners for their participation in the National Family Festival. Your commitment to fostering a family-friendly workplace environment and promoting holistic well-being of your employees, whether through Family Days or corporate talks, is truly commendable. Thank you for being part of this meaningful journey with us.

Interested to come onboard? Reach out to to explore collaboration opportunities!