From now until 31st August 2021, members of the public are invited to record and upload videos of themselves reading Chinese children’s stories on their own social network and media sharing sites.

For every approved video, a new Chinese book will be credited into a pool, which we will donate to primary school libraries not currently part of the Chou Sing Chu Foundation School Library Sponsorship Programme.

All accepted videos will be hosted on EveryBookaStory’s official website, instagram as well as YouTube channel.

Teachers, parents, and students are encouraged to join us as we inject new life into Chinese reading culture together by making Chinese children’s stories readily available on social media.

Contributing stories on Instagram and Facebook also provides fun and education to kids and parents at home under strict COVID-19 measures, whereby home-based learning and work from home have become the norm. Reading and storytelling with babies and children promotes brain development and imagination, enhances linguistic ability and emotional development, strengthens relationships, and is an ideal indoor family bonding activity.

For those who prefer for us to upload on their behalf, they may also send the video and parent consent to us at

Let’s work together to make this drive possible, making more books accessible to the younger generations.

How to participate:

Step 1: Register your interest by submitting the registration form via this link.

Step 2: Follow us on @CSCFSingapore and @everybookastory for the latest updates.

Step 3: Read a complete Chinese children story not exceeding five minutes, record, upload, and share your video on social media.Set the video to public and include the #EveryBookaStory #CSCFSingapore hashtags.

Step 4: Tag and nominate a friend or family member to record a similar video.