Metta Welfare Association, a registered charity, has been organising Charity Movie Screenings since 2012 as part of our annual fundraising events.

Annually Metta would organise 2 movie screenings. A summer and winter screening respectively. The shows selected would be the latest action blockbusters or kid friendly animated films. Each movie screening would also have photo taking opportunities with cosplayers or movie poster backdrop.

It is an opportunity for donors to create bonding moments with their loved ones while supporting a good cause. Donors also have the option to donate these movie tickets to Metta’s beneficiaries to enjoy a day out.

Through these events, Metta hope to promote inclusiveness and greater awareness of the daily challenges faced by our beneficiaries. In the absence of physical fundraisers, Metta is continuing its fundraising efforts through virtual fundraisers such as the Metta Virtual Movie event.

Donations raised through this virtual event goes into funding the programmes and services of our clients with special needs and those requiring medical and/or palliative care.

With the strict regulations on social gatherings island wide, activities such as volunteering at Social Service Agencies like Metta Welfare Association are temporarily halted. But doing good doesn’t need a physical presence.

Make a donation of $50 and we will give you one voucher for selected unlimited movie screenings redeemable via Catchplay+ as a token of our appreciation*. Redemption instructions and voucher code will be sent to you via email.  Alternatively you may donate the movie voucher to our beneficiaries!

*Vouchers are given on first come first serve basis while stocks last.