Pregnancy can be a stressful period for even the most relaxed mothers-to-be. It is normal to experience feelings of stress, but prolonged period of unmanaged stress is not healthy. 

This workshop aims to equip expectant mothers with the knowledge and skills to manage stress and cope with challenges for a healthier baby. Spouses are invited to attend to learn how to support their wives on this journey.

Date of Workshop (Colours of The Mind - Expectant Parents Workshop)
5 March 2022 (Part 1) & 12 March 2022 (Part 2), 9am to 10am
30 April 2022 (Part 1) & 28 May 2022 (Part 2), 10am to 11am
11 June 2022 (Part 1) & 18 June 2022 (Part 2), 10am to 11am