Getting to know our local Chinese Singaporean culture is always fun and exciting with SCCC! Experience the different facets of Singapore's culture through SCCC latest exhibitions, programmes and events.

Here are some feature highlights to check out with your family

Singapo人: Discovering Chinese Singaporean Culture Exhibition

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Level 2

Chinese culture in Singapore has evolved in a way unlike other communities around the world. Singapore is a tiny Southeast Asian nation-state located in a region with many ethnic groups, of which the Chinese comprise only a small percentage of the overall population.

However, the Chinese form the majority in Singapore, living alongside a significant proportion of non-Chinese residents. Over many years, interaction with other cultures, encouraged by geographical proximity and social diversity, has birthed a Chinese Singaporean identity that is complex and ever-changing.

At the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, join in the conversation and discover (or rediscover) what it means to be a Chinese Singapo人. Guided tours available.

One of Us, All of Us Exhibition

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Concourse, Level 1

Culminating from the One of Us video series, One of Us, All of Us is an exhibition that gives visitors untold insights into local Chinese dialect culture through an up close and personal showcase of over 20 people featured on the video series.

Across stories, videos, and artefacts, visitors will discover the people who are making waves in dialect culture. From a young adult who has been performing Teochew opera since the age of three to a heritage ang ku kueh brand giving the traditional snack a new spin, every story brings a new perspective to our dialect culture.

Life is Sweet: Ang Ku Kueh Girl

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Auditorium Foyer, Level 9 and 10

Life is filled with sweet and not-so-sweet moments. These illustrations were inspired by Wang Shijia’s reflections on life’s joys and struggles.

But don’t mistake Ang Ku Kueh G irl for her creator! Ang Ku Kueh Girl is determined, persistent and a thankful optimist; Shijia aspires to be like her! Many of these illustrations have been published before. They have since been updated with new details and colours. Shijia also added traditional Chinese motifs to convey her well wishes for visitors.

For this exhibition, Shijia has a little game for you. A traditional Chinese bowl that conveys blessings of longevity has the characters wan shou wu jiang 萬壽無疆 on it. Can you find all four bowls with one character each? The artworks are on display at level 9 and 10.

Sculpture Walk @ SCCC reTHINGing the Site

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Levels 1,9 and 10

In our increasingly digitised world, why do we need things like sculptures? How do artists respond to today’s challenges such as the pandemic?

For this exhibition, local artists were invited to rethink or “re-THING” their practice. Comprising works from established and emerging artists of the Sculpture Society Singapore, and loans from the TENG Collection, this exhibition also celebrates the Society’s 20th anniversary and the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s 50th anniversary