Say hello to Tag and Flick, the newest members of the TLC team and your new creative pals. Tag and Flick are Play-Makers.

So what’s a Play-Maker? Well..

Play-Makers are people who create and imagine a world full of possibilities. Most children are already Play-Makers, even if they don’t know it. Lots of adults are too, or they were once until things like work and newspapers and Facebook made them forget about playing.

Everyone can be a Play-Maker – all you need is a space, a team, some stuff to play with and a story to bring to life. And a big scoop of imagination, of course!

Playmaking is super portable creative storytelling, with audience interaction and a wonderfully accessible element – once you’ve made a play with Tag and Flick, you’ll be able to do it again at home, or anywhere.

Tag and Flick have reimagined some of their favourite stories and will be visiting our theatre this June to share them with you.

Image source: Singapore Repertory Theatre