Back with a bigger bang and even more fun-filled tech activities, games, and workshops – come celebrate our grandparents with the entire family this Grandparents’ Day on 26 November (Sunday). Explore the wonders of robotics, AI, and virtual reality with this unique experience for all ages!

Event highlights

  • Challenge your grandparents and grandkids to a round of boxing, not in the ring, but in Augmented Reality (AR)!

  • Get up close and personal with social robots ‘LOVOT’ and ‘Daisy’.

  • Be Internet Awesome with Google and learn how you can be a confident explorer of the online world.

  • Enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee made by ‘Ella’, our friendly robot barista.

  • Play spot-the-difference game to learn how you can keep your Singpass safe.

  • Pit yourself against ‘SenseRobot’, a Chinese Chess Artificial Intelligence (AI) grandmaster, and see if you have what it takes to beat it.

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