About Families for Life Picnic at The Istana

1.       What is the event about? 
Families for Life is bringing the signature picnic event to The Istana, allowing immediate and extended families to access, explore and enjoy the beautiful and historically rich grounds, in time to kick off the New Year celebrations. 

2.       When is the event?
The event is taking place on Saturday, 30 December 2017, 2.30pm – 6.30pm at The Istana.  

On Registration

3.       Do I need to pay for registration? 
Registration for the event is free. 

4.       Who is eligible to register for the event? 
Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents can register for the event.

5.       Is there any limit in terms of the number of family members that I can bring along? 
The more the merrier! We encourage multi-generation and extended families to join us at the picnics. There is no limit on the number of family members you can bring to the event, just indicate the total number of family members in your registration form. Please note that one household address is only allowed one registration. 

6.       I have submitted the wrong particulars during registration, what should I do?  
You can write in to picnics@familiesforlife.sg.

7.       I have registered for the event, but the QR code is not showing properly in the confirmation email.  
If you have trouble viewing the QR code in your email, there should be a link to redirect you to open up the confirmation email in your internet browser. You can take a screen shot of the QR code for the on-site registration.

8.       If my registration is successful, would I be able to redeem the goodie bag at the event? 
Onsite redemption of goodie bag is on a first-come-first-serve basis, while stocks last, at the event. 

9.       What are the items in the goodie bag?  
There is a picnic mat, frisbee fan, activity guide, an umbrella and a DIY terrarium kit in the goodie bag. 

On Event Day

10.       I did not manage to register, can I still join the event? 
Families are welcome to walk in between 4pm to 5pm only.

11.       What do I need to bring for registration at the event? 
Please present your confirmation email with the QR code via your smartphone/hardcopy printout at the main gate.

12.       What time should we be at the event? 
Entry into The Istana starts from 1.30pm onwards and the last entry is at 5.00pm. Please arrive early for the compulsory security screening. All family members need to present to go through the security screening together.

13.       What is the distance from The Istana main gate to the picnic grounds? 
It is a 1km uphill walk to the picnic grounds. For elderly, it is recommended for them to bring walking aid or come in wheelchair. 

14.       Where do I collect the goodie bag? 
Pre-registered families can collect the goodie bag at the Main Tentage inside The Istana, between 2.30pm to 5.30pm. We encourage families to be early and get a good cosy picnic spot. 

15.       Can I bring food and drinks to The Istana? 
You may bring your own food and drinks but there should not be any canned items and the food should not contain gravy which could cause spillage. All items brought into The Istana will be subjected to strict security screening. 

16.       Can I bring a chair/tent or any other picnic items? 
Please note that chairs, tents or other structures with canopy are not allowed on the picnic grounds as these might obstruct other families. You may bring hand-held umbrellas and caps for shade.

17.       What are the restricted items and activities within The Istana grounds? 
All families must adhere to the restricted list below. No storage facilities will be provided and security personnel reserve the right to turn away anyone who bring along any prohibited items or carry out any of the prohibited activities.

Prohibited Items

Prohibited Activities

The following items will not be allowed within The Istana grounds for security reasons:

  • Pointed and sharp objects (e.g. knives of any size, forks)
  • Flammable items (e.g. lighters)
  • Canned food and drinks

To ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for all visitors, and to prevent damage to the premises, the following will not be allowed within The Istana grounds:

  • Wheeled sports (e.g. cycling, roller blading)
  • Littering
  • Smoking
  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks
  • Pets (except for guide dogs)


18.       Is there wheelchair access? 
Yes, kindly approach our crew for assistance.

19.       Can I visit the buildings on The Istana grounds? 
The Istana buildings are not open to the public during the event.

20.       Are there toilet facilities available? 
There are portable toilets located near the picnic grounds.

21.       Is there a nursing room? 
Yes, you can find the nursing room at the Main Tentage. 

22.        How could we dispose our trash? 
Trash bins will be provided at the picnic grounds. Please ensure that your area is litter-free when you leave.

23.        What happens if it rains heavily or there is bad haze on the event day? 
Should the event be cancelled due to bad weather/haze, participants will be notified by the organiser via SMS and updates will be done via Families for Life Facebook page - www.facebook.com/familiesforlife.sg.

24.        Who should I contact for more information? 
For any enquiries, you can email to picnics@familiesforlife.sg.