Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Families for Life Picnics

About Families for Life Picnics

1.       What is the event about? 
First started in October 2014, the year-round picnics organised by Families for Life Council provide families with the opportunity to have fun outdoors, while spending quality time together. The picnics were held at heartland parks and have received great response from the public. This year, families can look forward to bigger and better picnics with more programming for families.

2.       Where is the event held? 
Families for Life picnics are usually held at heartland parks and community spaces. Please check the event page for the respective picnic venues.


On Registration

1.       Do I need to pay for registration? 
Registration for Families for Life picnics is free.

2.       Who is eligible to register for the event? 
Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents residing in Singapore can register for the event.

3.       Can I register on behalf of someone else? 
You should only register for your own family. Please do not combine families into one registration as each registrant is only allowed to redeem ONE Goodie Bag.

4.       Is there any limit in terms of the number of family members that I can bring along? 
The more the merrier! We encourage multi-generation and extended families to join us at the picnics. There is no limit on the number of family members you can bring to the event. However, do indicate the total number of attendees in your registration form.

5.       If my registration is successful, would I be able to redeem a Goodie Bag at the event?
Onsite redemption of Goodie Bag is on a first-come-first-serve basis, while stocks last, at the event.

On Event Day

1.       What time should we be at the event? 
The picnic will start at 5pm. Families are encouraged to come earlier to get a good picnic spot!

2.       Where do I go for the Goodie Bag redemption?
Please bring along your NRIC and look out for the Goodie Bag Redemption Booth at the picnic grounds. The redemption counter will be open from 5pm to 7.30pm.

3.       What happens if it rains heavily or there is bad haze on the event day? 
Should the event be cancelled due to bad weather/haze, participants will be notified by the organiser via SMS and updates will be done via Families for Life Facebook page at

4.       Will there be any sale of food and drinks at the event? 
There will be sale of light snacks at the picnic. Families are encouraged to bring your own food and drinks to create your unique picnic experience!

5.       Can I bring a chair / beach chair / stool / table? 
Safety is important to give everyone a nice experience at the event. As such, no foldable tables, chairs or stools are allowed on the picnic grounds.

6.       Can I bring a tent or small canopy structure to provide shade? 
No tents or other structures with canopy are allowed on the picnic grounds as these might obstruct other families.

7.       Are there toilets at the event? 
There are public toilet facilities located near the picnic grounds.

8.       Are there wheelchair access? 
Depending on the venue, there may or may not be wheelchair access. Please email to to enquire.

9.   How could we dispose of our trash? 
Trash bins will be provided at the picnic grounds. Please ensure that your area is litter-free when you leave to create a pleasant picnic ground for everyone.

10.   Who should I contact for more information? 
For more information, you can email