​​​​(32)Discipline Your Child Without Spanking

While the old adage goes “Spare the rod and spoil the child”, is that really the most effective way of discipline? The Psychology Service from KK Women's and Children's Hospital shares that physical punishment might actually NOT be the most effective. "Discipline should be used to assist children in learning rules and values as they grow older to help them assimilate well into society and contribute back as an active participant"

Here they offer 5 steps for disciplining a child.

  • Set rules and explain them to your children

This creates structure and provides a sense of safety, as your children will not fear being punished for reasons they did not know in advance.

  • Be patient as your children test the limits of your rules

Your children will not be willing to accept your measures at first, and their behaviour may initially worsen. But do persevere and be consistent with laying down the rules.

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