Your little beauty is the size of an orange and growing rapidly, just like your belly.

What's happening to your baby?

You just might be able to tell the sex of your baby if you have an ultrasound planned this week. But don't be disappointed if baby dearest, who is now 9 to 11cm, is hiding and makes you wait until next time. Your baby's senses are exploding as your wee one begins to sense light through fused eyelids, and hear muted sounds. Your baby will soon recognise your voice — talking to him or her is a good way to start the bonding process. The lungs are developing as your baby sucks in amniotic fluid through the nose and upper respiratory tract.

What's happening to you?

Your doctor may have discussed pelvic girdle pain with you. This is where the muscles and ligaments around your belly stretch, resulting in pain. This is perfectly normal, but if the pain gets severe, do see your doctor.

If you've noticed that your nose is continuously blocked, that's a common pregnancy symptom called "rhinitis of pregnancy". This is caused by an increase in blood flow to your mucus membranes, as well as your hormones.

By Associate Professor TAN Thiam Chye Head & Senior Consultant, Dr Janice TUNG Senior O&G Resident,
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, KK Women's and Children's Hospital

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