Your baby can recognise many sounds now so just keep talking and singing.

What's happening to your baby?

Your baby currently weighs around 540 to 660g and is about 27 to 33cm long from crown to heel. Your little sweetheart's hearing has started to develop, and baby can now recognise sounds from the outside world, like mummy and daddy's voice. Having inner ear balance helps your baby know the position in your womb, which makes moving around a lot more fun. Facial features like eyelashes and eyebrows are now more defined.

What's happening to you?

Your womb is about the size of a honeydew, which might be giving you some sleepless nights as you try to find a comfortable position. You should continue taking your daily vitamins. Your doctor will ask you to take an oral glucose tolerance test, or OGTT, between now and week 28. This is to test for gestational diabetes mellitus, a condition that increases your blood sugar level. Your doctor can best advise on what diet and lifestyle changes you need to adopt in order to manage this and stay happy and healthy.

By Associate Professor TAN Thiam Chye Head & Senior Consultant, Dr TAN Shu Qi Senior O&G Resident,
Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, KK Women's and Children's Hospital

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