Mrs. Jenny Yeo, former South View Primary School Principal, has tips for finding that suitable primary school to start your child off in formal education.

To find the most suitable primary school for your child, begin by identifying your child’s interests, strengths and weaknesses. Factor in also your child’s needs for Mother Tongue support and commute convenience. When you have done this, start identifying all the primary schools in your neighbourhood. From this list of schools, look into them to learn about the values they have, past work and current achievements. By this stage, you will have your primary school shortlist that you can use to make that one critical choice.

As a principal of several schools over the years, I urge you to carefully consider your primary school options on the shortlist against your child’s capacity, strengths and talents. Some schools have activity standards that are too challenging to your child, so make sure you know your child and choose wisely for best results. Your child should never have to dislike school.

The ideal primary school is one that is focused on areas of activity your child shows potential in. The right environment builds strength, and provides the necessary support, opportunities and exposure.

One ex-student, Ray, enrolled with his talent for Performing Arts, in a primary school that was strong in the Arts. He benefited immensely through the many acting and dance opportunities as a result and won a place in School of the Arts (SOTA) after graduation. SOTA is focused on the Arts and presents the next opportunity for Ray to grow even further.

Before going on to SOTA, Ray said to me, “Thank you Mrs. Yeo for all the opportunities that you have given me. You are like my backbone.”

As in this instance of Ray’s success, your child will benefit the same way and only with the right support.

I strongly believe while not every child will become an academic scholar, they still have their own talents and strengths. So by developing them according to their inclinations, they can be empowered to successfully contribute to society and country.

Contributed by:
Ministry of Education