What you will learn:

  • Effective communication and conflict management skills

  • Expectation management, financial planning, starting a family, nurturing emotional connection

  • Strengthening relationship with in-laws and community resources

This programme sets the stage for soon-to-wed couples to learn and discover more about themselves and their partners. Through a variety of interactive activities, you will think through issues in a marriage and learn about effective communication and managing expectations and challenges in marriage. This programme is supported by MSF, MUIS and ROMM and is delivered by MSF-appointed providers. Over 95% of participants found the programme to be beneficial.

Format & duration:
2-day programme conducted either online or in-person, in English or Malay

Who is this programme for:

Age: 21 years and above
Nationality: Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident 
Marriage Type: Soon-to-wed/newlywed Muslim Couples (married 2 years and below)

This programme is available via the following Service Providers. Please sign-up at the following links if you are interested: 

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APKIM Resources



Bio Dew Management International & Institute (BDMI)



Prowise Consultancy Pte. Ltd.



SP Management Consultant