What you will learn:

  • Prepare both you and your partner for an emotionally and mentally enriching marriage life together

The programme consists of individual sessions covering these following areas:

1. Family of Origin

2. Communication & Conflict Management

3. In-Law Relationship

4. Financial Planning

5. Role Relationship & Expectation

6. Sexual Intimacy & Family Planning/ Fertility Awareness

Couples will sit with a trained therapist to discuss issues and concerns they may have regarding married life in order to prepare themselves for post-wedding marital realities.

Who is this programme for:

Age: 21 years and above

Nationality: Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident

Marriage Duration: Soon-to-wed or newly-wed couples (married 2 years and below)

Format, Duration & Cost:

  • Group & Individual sessions ($300*) 

*For an additional fee of S$50, couples may request to include use of the Prepare/Enrich Relationship assessment inventory tool into their programme.

You will receive a S$70 rebate upon completion of this programme.

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