This programme is available on an appointment-only basis as:
• Individual sessions – two 4-hour sessions or one 8-hour session
• Group sessions – two 4-hour sessions or one 8-hour session

This workshop serves as an avenue for couples to be prepared to handle possible areas of stress in their marriage, which may cause even strong relationships to fall apart. The two main areas of focus are self-awareness and learning your partner’s language of love. This workshop includes use of the PREPARE inventory and workbook.

You will receive a S$70 rebate upon completion of this programme. 

Session Type: 
- Group ($246.10)
- Individual Couple* ($299.60) 

If you are interested in this programme, please email

Who is the programme for
Age: 25 and above for the groom
          21 and above for the bride 
Nationality: Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident 
Marriage Type: Soon-to-wed or newly-wed couples (less than 2 years)

Please note that email confirmation for successful registration is not sent immediately. The email may only be sent within the following day.