What you will learn:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of relationship dynamics and personalities through the Prepare/Enrich assessment inventory tool with the help of a Certified Facilitator

  • Have a clearer understanding of your strengths and areas for growth as a couple while developing confidence and relationship skills

Prepare/Enrich (P/E) Marriage Enrichment Programme is a complimentary programme for married couples. Over this 12-hour programme, couples will learn to identify their strengths and build confidence in their relationship skills with the help of a Certified Facilitator and the P/E assessment inventory tool.

Who is this programme for:

Age: 21 years and above 
Nationality: Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident 
Marriage Duration: Couples married for more than 2 years

Format, duration and cost:

12 hours - Four x 3-hour online sessions or Three x 4-hour online sessions
Prepare/Enrich Marriage Enrichment Programme is complimentary

This programme is available via the following Service Providers. Please sign up at the following links if you are interested: 

Social Service Agency

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Allkin Singapore Ltd



Care Corner Singapore



Fei Yue Community Services