This 12-hour workshop is an evidence-based programme first developed in the United States at the University of Denver. It teaches couples communication and conflict-resolution skills to build a strong marital foundation and attain higher relationship satisfaction.

Overseas research shows that couples reported more positive interaction consistently up to 5 years after completion of the programme. Locally, our own preliminary studies show that couples who have attended PREP do better in areas of communication, relationship quality, emotional bonding and marital adjustment. Specifically, newly-wed couples showed 10% improvement in communication skills scores within a year of attending the programme.

Our PREP workshop employs cognitive behavioural techniques to help with expectation management, supportive listening and speaking, problem-solving, as well as the maintenance of fun, friendship and sensuality in the relationship. You will receive a $140 rebate upon completion of this programme.

Session Type: 
- Group

Who is the programme for
Age: 25 and above for the groom
          21 and above for the bride 
Nationality: Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident 
Marriage Type: Soon-to-wed or newly-wed couples (less than 2 years)

This programme is available via the following Service Providers:

- Cornerstone Community Services ($350; Contact: )

Family Central - A Service by Fei Yue Community Services ($378; Contact: )

- Morning Star Community Services ($350; Contact:; Sign up here )

- TOUCH Community Services ($420; Contact:; Sign up here)

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