Adulting in Singapore can feel like a circus juggling act. There are a hundred deadlines to meet at work, friendships to maintain and parents and children to support. Often, romance gets pushed to the back of the line.

But we all know keeping the romance alive is crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship or marriage. When you are short on time, what you need is a little creativity and flexibility.

Here are some dating ideas to consider so you can start to improve your relationship and get the fizz back between you and your better half.

#1 Virtual date night

If you’re having to pull late nights at the office or do shift work, a quick virtual dinner keeps the two of you connected and up-to-date with each other’s days. Whether you need to rant about work or just take a timeout to hang out with your favourite person, an online catch-up might just be what you need to rejuvenate yourself and express love and concern for each other.

#2 Plan a day off

If you are aiming for a solid block of quality time to reconnect with each other, go chope your day off at the office pronto. Take a weekday (when the kids are in school) to do the things you enjoy doing together, be it brunching, island-hopping, catching a movie or working up a good sweat.

#3 Do a double (or triple) date

This is a two-in-one—you get to socialise with pals and have a fun evening out with your significant other at the same time. Plus, when you have a standing appointment with friends, you are less likely to cancel at the last minute!

#4 Turn on the screen

Maybe all you have is a half hour before sleepy hour sets in, but there is still time to fit in a video game (Mario Kart, anyone?) or an episode of your favourite show on Netflix. Make sure you’re in your snuggly PJs in case you both doze off on the couch.

#5 Have breakfast together

The workday can wear you out, so make the most of your best hours (bright and early in the morning). Sitting down together for a good cup of coffee and nutritious breakfast starts your day off on the right note, so by the time you sit at your desk, you’re alert, happy and ready to tackle your tasks ahead.

#6 Make it a priority

Just like working out, dating your other half should stay at the top of the to-do list, rather than an activity that you do only when you “have time”. Align your schedules, mark date nights on your calendar and put your phones away while together.