Why do some marriages grow from strength to strength, while others falter and fail?

Together with MSF’s Alliance for Action (AfA) member, Ms Yvon Bock, we explore the reasons why it’s important for newlyweds to lay a strong foundation in their marriage, and how to keep the flame of romance burning bright.

Starting off strong

Asked about the biggest challenges that newly-wed couples usually face, Yvon says, “A marriage brings together two people with different backgrounds, upbringing, habits and personalities. So, one major challenge is learning how to accommodate each other’s differences and resolve conflicts well”.

That’s where a supportive community comes in. Helping couples to start off strong in their marriage is a slew of resources available both online and off. There are also marriage preparation courses catered especially for soon-to-be-wed or newly-married couples starting a new life together.

MSF, together with AfA and other community partners, is a part of the ecosystem to strengthen marriages and support couples at different stages of their married lives.

4 tips for a happy marriage

Married for 20 years with four kids, Yvon speaks from a place of experience. She shares four personal tips for a happy marriage:

1. Keep the romance alive

There’s no getting around it – couples need to put in effort for their marriage to work. Even today, after two decades of married life, Yvon and her hubby take every Friday evening off for date nights. That’s when they shed their roles as corporate warriors and mum-and-dad; and spend time with each other as a couple.

2. Communication matters

Communication is the lifeline in any marriage. To keep the lines of communication open in their relationship, couples need to treat each other respect and learn to resolve conflicts amicably.

3. A little TLC goes a long way

Marriage offers what the other relationships in our life can’t fulfill – which is why couples need to constantly nurture and grow it with tender, loving care.

4. Marriage is a lifelong commitment

Like all things worth having, a healthy marriage requires both partners to put time and effort into it. Even when a couple hits a bad patch, it’s important not to give up but to keeping working at it.

Prep yourself for marriage

Yvon encourages couples who encounter difficulties during their marital journey to look around their community for advice and support. Just as her own dad would often share some nuggets of wisdom with her, young couples may find it beneficial to speak with the older couples around them.

If you’re a newly-wed or soon-to-be-wed about to embark on the next exciting chapter of your lives together, one of the best investments you can make in your marriage is to sign up for a marriage preparation course.

The content of this article was adapted from an interview on CAPITAL 958 with MSF’s Alliance for Action (AfA) member and CEO of Hegen Pte Ltd, Ms Yvon Bock.

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