While it’s important to manage your conflicts well, it’s just as important to boost the positives in your relationship. Having little to no conflict probably isn’t the aim of your marriage – having a safe relationship where you feel close and happy is probably closer to the mark, right? 

When we focus on staying connected, expressing our appreciation, and enjoying our time together, we will be closer, happier and less harsh to each other. It’s difficult to feel deeply cherished and have regular positive experiences with your spouse when we are quick to insult them or assume the worst.

One way to combat negativity or destructive conflict patterns in your relationship is to focus on your positive feelings and experiences together. If you’re feeling hostile toward one another, or disconnected, instead of arguing or assigning blame, do your part to get things back on track

Couple Activity – Love Notes:

  • Write a love note – focus on some of your spouse’s best qualities and share examples of when your spouse has displayed them. This works to remind you of all the good your spouse does and why you love them, and it helps them feel acknowledged and appreciated. 

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