While life may feel more hectic now than when you first got together, it’s important to continue courting each other throughout your marriage. Focus on fun ways to connect on a regular basis that are nostalgic, enjoyable, or novel for you!

Discussion Questions:

  • As you think back on the early years together, what did you do for fun?

  • What common interests or hobbies do you enjoy now?

In one survey conducted by PREP, Inc., couples married 6-20 years reported having the least fun – perhaps due to childcare obligations and being very invested in their careers. Engaged couples and those married more than 32 years were the most fun-loving! Fun is something you can rekindle and tap into during any season of marriage. Even if you’re in the trenches now with busy careers and/or raising a family, you don’t have to wait until later for fun!

Try This!

  • Think of a common interest – maybe you like similar music and love to cook. Look for a concert you’d both enjoy, or see if there’s a cooking class available nearby. You might even choose a recipe, shop for groceries together, and enjoy a date night in as you cook and enjoy a playlist you created together.

Look for areas of mutual interest and work together to think of creative ideas to keep the spark alive in your marriage.

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