In marriage, we’re often told to compromise. Sometimes, that’s great advice. But, when it comes to fun, mutuality is best. When we forgo going on dates or only participate in activities one spouse enjoys, leisure time tends to be frustrating or boring for the other spouse.

Couple Activity – Fun Deck: Try brainstorming dates, activities, or interests you both enjoy. All ideas are welcome - get creative and start building a big list. Remember to include ideas in different price ranges, at home options, or ideas for shorter or longer timeframes so you can squeeze in some fun no matter what the circumstances are.

After you’re done brainstorming, pick 15-20 of your favorite ideas and put each one on an index card and keep your “fun deck” handy. When you need an idea for fun, grab the deck, and…

  • Each of you pick 3 cards with activities you feel like doing that day.

  • Trade cards so your spouse can review the 3 you chose.

  • Choose one idea from your spouse’s stack that you’re excited about too, and get to work making it happen. If you can’t get to both ideas in the same day/evening, just hold onto the other one for next time!

Spending a little time generating ideas together will keep you from falling into predictable, boring routines at the end of a long day or week. Let the fun begin!

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