Did you know there’s actually a “cuddle hormone?” Research has found that the chemical oxytocin helps us feel attached to others, and pleasing or comforting physical touch, like cuddling, can release cascades of oxytocin that help us feel more connected!

A simple hug, resting your head on your spouse’s shoulder, sitting close to one another, or holding hands can all boost oxytocin. These little acts of physical touch act as stress relievers, too! If touch does not come naturally to you, it can take more deliberate effort to reach out to your spouse in this way, especially if you’re feeling upset or disconnected.

Being willing to connect with your spouse through touch, even a comforting pat on the leg or arm, can go a long way to help you feel more connected to each other, and decrease any tension between you.

Here’s an activity you can try with your spouse:

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