This discussion guide is designed to complement the Our Marriage Journey Quiz. 

Co-developed with Fei Yue Community Services, this discussion guide will help couples start a heart-to-heart expedition on the key marriage topics that the Our Marriage Journey Quiz covers, such as
communication and conflict management, positive bonding and alignment in relationship expectations

The guide incorporates research-backed
Mini Marriage PREP Tips , as well as advice and tips from our local marriage experts. You will find content such as:

  • How to start and facilitate meaningful conversations with your significant other on your Quiz results

  • Conversation prompts and hands-on reflection activities, tailored to the specific topics covered in the Quiz

  • Useful marriage resources that you can tap on to support you in your marriage journey

 Click the "Download info attachment" button to download the discussion guide and start meaningful conversations on these marriage topics your partner today!

If you have not taken the Quiz, click here to find out what your areas of strengths and growth are in your relationship first, before coming back to this page to start a heart-to-heart expedition on these important marriage topics with your partner!