Families for Life 365 Introduction


Q1: Do we need to pay for the programmes?

No, the conduct of the programme is free of charge and covers the speakers’ fees as well as materials. However, the cost of venue and refreshments (optional) will be borne by the applicant.

Q2: We would like to apply for a programme to be conducted at our organisation in three weeks’ time. Can we do so?

No, all applications should be submitted at least one month before the conduct of programme.

Q3: I am sourcing for suitable venue for the programme. May I know the difference between: theatre classroom and cluster seating?

- Theatre seating refers to having rows of chairs facing the front of the room.

- Classroom seating is similar but includes tables for the participants.

- Cluster seating is seating in groups and may or may not require tables, depending on the agency conducting the programme.

- Please speak to the respective agency upon confirmation of programme to find out more.

Q4: There are recommended target groups for each of the programmes, can I still sign up if I do not belong to the specified group?

Yes, you may still join the programmes as long as you find it relevant to your needs.

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