1. Shower your child with love, through hugs, kisses and cuddles because they can boost your child’s well-being and immunity.

2. Changing table? No need. It is easier to change your child on a double bed, or something larger. Just do not turn your attention away even for a moment.

3. Transform small empty bottles into percussion instruments with some masking tape and a handful of beans, rice, or grain.

4. Tantrums do not last forever. They will pass.

5. Let your child sleep in your arms. It is, without doubt, the most peaceful feeling in the world.

6. Use incontinence pads as changing pads. Dispose them with the diaper should they get soiled.

7. Small babies are easier to bathe in the sink. Seriously! Just make sure that you clean and disinfect the sink well before putting your baby in it. You will not have to squat down either and your back will thank you when you're in your later years.

8. Keep to routine because your child finds safety in the familiar and expected.

9. A sarong sling, or baby carrier, will not just leave your hands free but also serves as a nursing cover, stroller sun shade, blanket, and as a strap to keep your child seated. Dad can use it too!

10. Offer choices. Two choices are ideal for children. Encourage independence by letting your child pick out her outfit or a bedtime story.

11. A bottle warmer is a good investment to warm bottled baby food.

12. Talk to your child as you go about your daily activities with them. He is listening and learning all the time.

13. Expose them to the world. Babies are curious creatures. Your child loves seeing new things, meeting people and interacting with them.

14. Keep your child well-fed. A hungry baby is a cranky baby.

15. Baby-proof the house early. Once they start moving, they zoom around faster than you can say “yay”!

16. If your child has a special cuddle toy or bedtime blanket, buy a few spares. This will save lots of heartache and tears if you have a spare (or two) as backup.

17. Put teethers in the fridge. Cold ones soothe aching gums better.

18. No teethers? Wash, wring, and fold a handkerchief or a small towel and put in into the fridge to chill.

19. Strap them in. Once an active toddler is strapped into his stroller or car seat, it’ll be much easier to put his socks and shoes on.

20. Prevent clipped fingers. For a cheap and simple door stopper, cut up swimming noodles (tube polyethylene foam) to put on door edges so that doors do not close fully.

21. Host a toy swop with mummy friends. Your kids get new stuff to play with, and you save lots, since kids outgrow toys really quickly at this age.

22. There's no need to buy a walker either. Just let your child push a stool around. Make sure that you put foot pads on it first.

23. Teach them to sleep. Find a sleep training style that you are comfortable with, and practise it.

24. Sleep when they sleep. Especially during the first few weeks, as you will need the rest. Forget Facebook, forget Instagram. Sleep comes first.

25. Respond to their cries. They need to know that you are there for them.

26. Sore nipples? Express a little breast milk to rub over your nipples and areolae, and let them air-dry.

27. Nature helps dissolve crankiness. Take them to the beach or the park. The fresh air will lift any bad mood instantly.

28. Join an online forum or mum’s support group. Meet, bond, and share with others in the same boat. You’ll feel better about things.

29. Introduce your child to books. The public libraries have an extensive selection of board books for babies and toddlers.

30. A diaper bag is really cool, but you can do without one. Just use a large shopping tote or bag with pockets. Don’t forget a few Ziploc bags or plastic bags for dirty diapers.

31. Go hands-free when you're out on a short excursion with your child. Wear cargo pants so that you can stuff an extra diaper in one pocket, wipes in another, your cash and cards in the third, and your child's bottle of water in the fourth.

32. When grocery shopping in a supermarket, keep your child occupied in the trolley seat by giving him something to munch on. You'll be able to shop in peace!

33. Turn the camera's viewfinder around so that your child can see himself while you are taking a picture or a video of him. He will smile and laugh at the child on the screen and you'll have another fab photo of your darling!

34. Massage your child after bath. They love it as it helps soothe them and sleep better.

35. Let your child practice grip with household tools. Provide tongs, for example, to practice transferring cotton balls from one bowl to another.

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Contributed by:
Early Childhood Development Agency