What you will learn:

Triple P Level 2 introduces you to practical evidence- based strategies that equip you to :

  • Confidently manage your grandchildren's behaviour

  • Prevent problems from developing

  • Build strong and healthy relationships

Developed by Triple P International (TPI), Triple P Level 2 is a programme for grandparents who are interested to support their grandchildren's development.

The session covers the following for grandparents of children aged 0-16:
• Seminar 1: Positive grandparenting
• Seminar 2: Raising confident, competent grandchildren
• Seminar 3: Raising resilient grandchildren

Who is this programme for:

  • Grandparents of children 0 - 16 years old

  • Nationality: Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident


  • A total of 4.5hr in the following formats: 3 x 1.5hr or 2.5hr + 2.5hr or 4.5hr half-day workshop

  • Conducted within 3 consecutive weeks