Connecting and Communicating with Pre-schoolers

Encourage your child's imagination and help build good social skills by showing that you care when you talk to them. Learn how communicating with pre-schoolers help them learn and develop in this video.

Play and Learning with Pre-schoolers: 3-5 Years

You can easily create fun learning opportunities for your child. Learn how playing with pre-schoolers helps them learn here.​​

Playgrounds, Child Care and Pre-school

Watch this video to learn tips on settling your child outside the home environment.

Empowering Independent Problem Solvers

Learn how to empower your child to become independent problem solvers!

Tips for a Healthier Screen Time

Technology can be a useful tool for children, but may have negative effects if they use it often. This video offers tips to parents for reducing screen time.

The Effects of Too Much Screen Time

Too much screen time can be bad for children, watch this video to learn tips on reducing screen time. 


Boost Your Child's Thinking Skills with Toys

Learn how to create toys that will instill your child's interest in science!

3Rs in the Early Years

Get tips on how to encourage growth in your child through the 3Rs - respect, respond, and reciprocate.