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Family Values

Strong families are founded on a bedrock of firm family values. Families for Life hopes to support parents to journey with our children to understand the importance of the family through family values education. Our site is filled with rich content centred on our four family values to help families play, learn, and thrive together.  

Here are our four family values, with Communication as an enabler:

  1. Love
  2. Care & Concern
  3. Commitment
  4. Respect



Have you met Becky Bunny?

Bursting with life, Becky Bunny is spunky and always ready for adventure and fun. Often found moving from one activity to the next, she is excited by all that life has to offer. Becky Bunny loves collecting stickers, and is frequently heard singing the Families for Life Family Songs. On special occasions, she loves to eat all kinds of kueh! Most of all, Becky Bunny takes joy in showing the family values of Love, Care and Concern, Commitment and Respect to her family and always puts her family first!

Jump into the world of Becky Bunny – filled with plenty of activities, interactive games and videos – as she shares what it means to show Love, Care and Concern, Commitment and Respect to our families.

Keep an eye out for Becky Bunny and her family and friends in our resources and on our socials!

Playtime is important for our children – and grown ups too! Explore our collection of family-friendly activities, do them at home, in school, or whenever you are in need of something fun to occupy your little ones!


  • Bunny Town Adventure Online Game

    Play entertaining mini games with Becky Bunny in Bunny Town and learn how to show love and respect to your family members. Our collection of 6 mini games are specially designed for children from ages 3 to 7, all in a safe and ad-free environment.

    Play the game with your family today!

    Play Now

  • Families for Life Family Songs

    This series of five short and simple songs are bound to have your young ones dancing along! Each of the five songs focus on our core family values of Love, Care and Concern, Commitment and Respect. Play them at home and sing along for a good time.

    Hashtag #FFLFamilySongs #IChooseFamilyTime when you reshare the songs on your social platforms!

    Learn More

  • Printables

    Let our children express themselves creatively about their understanding of family values through our free printables.

    Download Colouring Pages
    Download Word Search Puzzles
    Download Printable Maze Worksheets
    Download Hidden Object Picture Puzzles
  • happy birthday dawn

    Treasures for Life Series

    Supported by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), Families for Life has curated a series of preschool packages. These packages include the Treasures For Life Big Book Series, which bring to life the family values and impart key lessons to our children. Download the series to read at home and reinforce the learning that takes place in schools.

    Our first two books, Happy Birthday Dawn! and Becky and the Treasure Chest which centre around showing love and respect in a family, are now available for download.

    Download "Happy Birthday Dawn!" Download "Becky and the Treasure Chest"

  • Becky Bunny Sticker Pack

    Looking to make your online conversations a little more fun? You can now add a splash of colour and share cute expressions on your chats with your family with our all-new Becky Bunny sticker pack!

    With stickers for every mood, use it to send a birthday wish, treat a family member to BBT or spread joy with encouraging messages!

    Download our stickers for free today!

📣 Attention, teachers!

Did You Know? We are developing resources on family values for early learning in schools. Drop us an email to find out more about our “Family and Me” Preschool Packages today!