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    WiseJourneys For Parents With Children From Birth To 36 Months Old

    Shared parental experiences are a key component for learning. The WiseJourneys programme was created as a learning stream designed from research findings and tips by Temasek Foundation, in partnership with NTUC First Campus' SEED Institute that aims to equip parents in a constructive and science-based manner.

    3 different WiseJourneys programmes are available for free registration by parents and caregivers of children from birth to 36 months old. Each WiseJourneys group goes through 4 facilitated online sessions to learn parenting tips.

    In WiseJourneys, you’ll experience the power of collective learning and problem-solving amongst parents and caregivers journeying together.

    What you can expect:

    4 Zoom sessions
    Conducted over 4 weeks
    Support groups

    Each session will be guided by a WiseJourneys facilitator who will lead discussions and conversations on session-related topics as well as share how research-based tips can be applied in your day-to-day context.

    So, get ready to turn those Zoom cameras and mics on for a super interactive, personalised and all-round fun time of hearing and learning from others, while reflecting and growing deeply as a parent or caregiver yourself.

    Click or scan QR code below to sign up for WiseJourneys today! For enquiries, contact us at friend-familiesforlife@msf.gov.sg



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  • WiseJourneys Programmes

    WiseSelf: Mindful Parenting

    For Parents and Caregivers with children from birth to 36 months old

    This Wisejourneys will introduce you to the concept and practice of Mindful Parenting, and equip you with simple, practical ways you can apply this in your daily life. We’ll touch on issues of self-awareness, emotional regulation, stress management, and responsive caregiving.

    Session 1: Why it matters
    Session 2: What makes you tick
    Session 3: Responsive caregiving
    Session 4: My child, my village and me

    WiseSpeak: More Than Words (I)

    For Parents and Caregivers with children from birth to 9 months old

    This WiseJourneys will give you insights into the world of infant communication before they even learn their first words. Babies aren’t the simple, passive beings one might think they are! There’s a lot more going on in their little minds than we realise, and we’ll give you tips on how to engage them effectively to nurture language development and strong relationships in these precious early months.

    Session 1: Stop, look and listen
    Session 2: Creating language-rich environments
    Session 3: Love and language
    Session 4: Creating quality interactions

    WiseSpeak: More Than Words (II)

    For Parents and Caregivers with children aged 24 to 36 months old

    This WiseJourneys will broaden your understanding of language development and communication in toddlers beyond the typically narrow academic focus on literacy skills. We want to remind parents that language learning has implications for your child’s development beyond the classroom, and help create opportunities for learning to happen anytime, anywhere.

    Session 1: Learning to read your child
    Session 2: Creating opportunities for language learning
    Session 3: Love and language
    Session 4: Emergent literacy: A child-led approach