It’s that time of the year again when we honour our educators for their hard work in nurturing well-rounded children. While the sentiment of Teacher’s Day is wonderful, it can become a challenge to think up new gift ideas year after year.

Here’s the thing though: gifts need not be expensive to be meaningful. They do not even have to cost money. This Teacher’s Day, let’s give thoughtful gifts that teachers will cherish. Check out these gift ideas for your children’s favourite ‘chers.

#1 “Bake a cake”

Here’s a handmade card that’s not only creative and heartfelt, but also good for the planet! Beanstalk, the content arm of Singapore’s Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) has thoughtfully created a template on Instagram that you can simply adapt for your own use. Simply choose some decorative stickers on IG and insert a personalised message before sending it across to your child’s teacher—it’s a piece of cake (pun intended)!

#2 Reusable tumbler

With all the talking that teachers do for hours every day, they need to stay hydrated on the go. A tumbler, like this one adorned with paintings by intellectually disabled artists, is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. In the same vein, a box of lozenges would also make a thoughtful gift.

#3 Stress busters

Managing a whole classroom of students day in and out isn’t a walk in the park. Teachers must cover the curriculum on schedule while ensuring the students can keep up academically and feel supported all-round—let’s not even mention the back-end prep and admin work that we don’t see. Remind your favourite teachers to take a moment for themselves with gifts like relaxing teas, a bar of nice-smelling soap or tube of lotion.

#4 Homemade cookies

Most of us will be familiar with that urge to snack while working behind the computer. Teachers aren’t spared from that too. Fuel your ‘cher with some home bakes like these banana cookies that are easy enough for your children to make. Plus this is a great way to use up over-ripe bananas in your pantry.

#5 A dedication video

If you’ve got tiny performers at home, get them to flex their talent in a video for their teachers. Whether they choose to sing, dance, play an instrument or recite a poem, their efforts will be sure to elicit a smile from their well-deserved recipient!