Learning does not stop once you leave school. In a fast-paced, ever-changing world, it’s vital that our young ones find joy in picking up new things even after formal education ends. Here’s how you – as mum, dad and even grandparents – can be a great role model for lifelong learning every day.

1. Take a class

Always been yearning to play a musical instrument? Become a bread artisan? Or a wine connoisseur? Go sign up for a class, pronto! With SkillsFuture credits,many of these classes are affordable for the masses and can deliver so much joy in the process. Share what you have learnt with your family and inspire them with your can-do attitude!

2. Try out new recipes

Learning by doing is one of the most effective ways for anyone to assimilate new concepts. Cooking or baking is a great example of that—we only understand how different ingredients can combine into various dough textures through experimentation in the kitchen. So challenge yourself by looking up new recipes and invite your child to prep an epic dish together. You will have an enriching time and a happy tummy after.

3. Stay curious

Can’t get the hang of Gen Z speak? Or having trouble understanding the contents of your child’s science textbook? Simply ask. After all, the act of inquiry demonstrates the desire to learn. Don’t worry if your questions illicit giggles from your offspring—it only shows them that one shouldn’t be afraid of speaking up and asking for clarity when needed.

4. Put yourself out of your comfort zone

This is for the serious learners. Perhaps you are eyeing that Master’s or Bachelor’s degree or Postgraduate Diploma but aren’t sure if you can cope with juggling studies with work and home life. There are those who have done it before you so it’s a matter of discipline and excellent time management. Also, do speak to your other half and children about your aspiration for higher learning before taking the plunge. Sometimes, their encouragement is all you need to commit with peace of mind.

5. Get acquainted with Becky Bunny

It isn’t just “hard skills” or knowledge that we want to pick up. It pays to be reminded of the virtues we want to embody as well. Check out online activities with FFL’s Becky Bunny who teaches the values of love, care and concern, commitment and respect to family. You and your children (best for ages three to seven) can sing along to FFL Family Songs and attempt games and puzzles together in a wholesome ad-free environment.