If you are a blood donor and a parent, you probably double-agree with me on the headline. As a father trying to fulfil my civic and parental responsibilities, I feel the need and challenge to teach my children the value of giving as early as possible during their growing up years. While I secretly hope they will become blood donors in the future, I also hope to cultivate a sense of social responsibility in them, and pass on life values that I hold dearly through blood donation.

My commitment to blood donation is largely due to my experience of almost losing my very ill mother when I was 21 years old. I made a decision then to spend more time with my family, and give back more to the society. I am an advocate of strong family ties, and so far, I have given more than 25 donations.

Chin Hock and family at the BloodBank@HSA 

I feel an extra sense of pride when I bring my daughters, 6 and 4, to the bloodbank to watch me give blood. Naturally, my daughters have many questions about the needle, the blood, and the purpose of my visit to Bloodbank@HSA.

I enjoy pointing out to them that the whole process is quick - just 5-10 mins on the bed - and it isn’t painful (the slight pinch is really bearable, and I’ve never been afraid of needles). Including the administration matters, it would take about an hour to complete the entire donation process.

Chin Hock donating blood 

Watch this recording of a blood beneficiary to understand how the donated blood has impacted her life:



As our population grows older and becomes more susceptible to injuries and illnesses due to aging, we need to prepare for the rise in blood demand. Your child may ask you one day for consent to give blood, and instead of brushing them off with statements like “you are too young” or “ leave it to others to do that”, we can encourage them to give or even join them in their maiden donation.

It will be a privilege and unforgettable experience to be able to donate blood together as a family. Blood is a lifeline to people who receive blood transfusions regularly and during emergencies. Just an hour of our time can save 3 precious lives. 

Let’s cultivate the act of giving and instil a sense of social responsibility in our children today. 

Find out more about blood donation at redcross.sg.

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