This Mother’s Day, we get to celebrate and appreciate our mothers for their great love and care for us! While cards, flowers, beautifully-wrapped gifts, delicious meals at lovely restaurants have probably become staples for every Mother’s Day celebration, some of them may leave a big carbon footprint on Mother Earth.

However, there’re lots of ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in a more sustainable manner, as we can lessen our impact on the environment, without dialling down the celebratory mood. Check out five ways below!

1. Opt for eco-friendlier flowers

While the thought of gifting beautiful blooms may seem like an eco-friendly idea, many popular flowers actually leave a huge carbon footprint. Those gorgeous Kenyan roses or Dutch lilies need to be grown in temperature-controlled greenhouses halfway round the world, before being air-flown to Singapore. (Pssst: growing just 10 Dutch lilies emits 35kg of carbon emissions!)

This doesn't mean you need to swear off flowers completely, because honestly, they light up Mum’s face like nothing else can. You can go for less energy-consuming flower options like locally produced flowers, paper blooms, or even cute little succulents. They’re no less beautiful, and generate less waste.

2. Have a meal at a farm-to-table restaurant

There are a few such restaurants in Singapore where you can be sure that the food on your plate has been grown sustainably and cleanly. Produce and ingredients that have to be specially flown in doesn’t necessarily mean better quality, as these rustic establishments from local veggie farm collectives to kelongs with a heart prove how you can celebrate Mother’s Day in green style, knowing that your delicious meal is leaving minimal carbon footprint on Mother Earth.

3. Make a personalised card from upcycled materials

Instead of purchasing a polished card from a store, why not make one using materials you already have at home? It’s not only eco-friendly, the effort you put into it to personalise a card just for Mum will mean the world to her. Save the packaging from your online orders and cut up the cardboard, which will make sturdy 3D cards. Scrap cloth with patterns, magazine paper, and used giftwrap can also be cut up and repurposed to beautify your cards. Colour, glue, paint, glitter - nothing’s stopping your creativity!

4. Get a sustainable, ethically-produced gift

If Mum loves to be pampered, you can choose a gift that you know is produced ethically and sustainably this year. From beautifully scented soaps made from responsibly sourced and environmentally-friendly ingredients, bags made from vegan leather , gorgeously crafted bamboo or stainless steel homeware, intricate beaded jewellery, to clothes made from sustainably-grown materials, Mum will surely be spoilt for choice even as you do your part for the environment.

5. Gift a shared experience

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Mum by spending quality time with her to do something she enjoys. Sign up for fitness classes with her, or visit her favourite park or attraction. If Mum is game to try new things, why not go island-hopping around Singapore together, or pick up a new skill like clay-sculpting or beading? It’s certainly true that the best gift is always time, and you can definitely choose activities that are more eco-friendly.