Have trouble planning your teen’s birthday party? As your child changes and grows, balloons and themed cakes may no longer suit the occasion, yet you still want to find a way to celebrate this milestone . It may be common for many of us to be at a loss for meaningful birthday party ideas, but here are ways you can cater to the tastes of the up-and-coming generation. Let’s dive right in and explore some options that are suitable for teens to celebrate with friends or family.

1. Get arty

Teens are bursting with creative energy, and what better way to let it out than to have an art-themed party? You can get paints and blank canvases, or use premade painting kits that are in line with your teen’s personality. As a creative outlet, it can make for a memorable and productive birthday with something wonderful to take home after.

2. BBQ at the beach

How about a beachside BBQ? Book a pit at one of our lovely parks. Cooking up a scrumptious feast while enjoying a splendid sea view may be just the thing to make a birthday feel special. For a welcome change of pace, book a chalet that will provide a novel experience that can certainly create a festive mood. Go for a location within your budget and take the opportunity to see another side of Singapore for a memorable celebration.

3. Adventure-packed birthday

Have a more adventurous streak in your teen? How about booking a couple of hours at a laser tag facility for an action-packed birthday party. Another idea is to go on a forest hike for trails with a view or instagrammable moments that would also be perfect for letting out all that teen energy. Then plan for some refreshments afterward for the best effect, as this is an activity guaranteed to give everyone a healthy appetite. Have a search online for some convenient laser tag facilities or hiking trails, and aim for a blast of a party.

4. The good old-fashioned party

It’s not always a case of “out with the old,” and a birthday party with friends and family can be just that—a classic. Get out the paper hats and bring out the food, and you’ll have a memorable birthday that will be both merry and nostalgic. How about some party games or even go classic with games like charades or bingo to liven things up. Finally, finish with some wishes, cake and photos to top off the birthday celebration!